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Access to Major Shopping Malls, Medical Facilities, & Businesses

Welcome to the City of Nevada Established in 1861

The City of Nevada is located two miles east of Lavon Lake in southeastern Collin County in Texas's great state. The City of Nevada is adjacent to the thriving DFW metroplex.

Experience Nevada's rural, hometown lifestyle with benefits only found in major metropolitan areas -- ready access to major shopping malls and shops, medical facilities, and businesses.

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City of Nevada, TX

City Budget 2022-2023

The City of Nevada has approved the following budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Nevada Economic Development Corporation (NEDC)

The objective of the Economic Development Corporation is to strengthen and diversify the economic base of the City of Nevada. The EDC was established to encourage top-quality businesses to place job-generating Nevada investments while creating a superior environment for business expansion and retention.

At this time, the NEDC is being managed by the City Council. If you are interested in bringing top-quality businesses to Nevada, please contact the city to share your ideas.


City of Nevada Schedule of Fees

Effective April 18, 2023, the City Council of Nevada, TX has implemented a new schedule of fees for various services offered to the public. The new fees apply to a range of services including building permits, zoning applications, and land-use applications.

This new fee structure is necessary to cover the increased costs of providing these services to the public and is based on the level of service required and the complexity of the application process. The new fee schedule was carefully designed to ensure that the fees are reasonable and competitive with other cities in the region. The city of Nevada hopes that this new fee structure will help to streamline the application process and improve the overall efficiency of the city’s operations.

Residents and businesses in Nevada, TX are encouraged to review the new fee schedule and contact Nevada City Hall with any questions or concerns they may have. The city of Nevada is committed to providing high-quality services to the public while maintaining transparency in the fee collection process.